Real-time rending film, 2019

The Gift is a science fiction animation, which assumes a self-destruction ending caused by human activities in the future. The impact of climate change is far more dangerous than its own that would change the geographical boundaries, causing unimaginable political turmoil then leading to a series of unpredictable disasters. The movie explores animals, humans, machines, their respective fate and predicament. Whether the new ecological community can find a balanced way of existence in the context of climate change.

The movie takes place in the 26th century. One day during the long nuclear winter, a senior robot is telling a story for a young robot about how human beings buried the dangerous seed and turned the worst expectations into a reality. The title The Gift here means the disaster brought by predecessors to future generations but also the hope left by the old senior robot to a young robot.

Pink sky looks like overnight precipitated blood pee, 
Little polar bear is afraid of the Arctic Ocean he once roamed free.
The cold weather did not shake him until death could be expected.
How he wished he could be a seal before he was exhausted.
The whole city is exuding a stench, floating corpses, feces, rubbish, floating across the city's water surface.
The days without electricity and running water have passed for months, no one cares about their lives.
Refugees are appreciating a dog eating the moon far from the sea. 
White tent are soaked with blood but they cannot see.
A nuclear bomb exploded in front of them, that is the last thing.
Nothing was remianed, includeing their gene.
Little little deer walks walks slowly, such beautiful creatures I cry for you.
You are my Eva, I need you in last scene.
Huge wandering aimless war machine, cozy carefree animal, silent human.
Nothing can be threatening this planet anymore, a new ecosystem has been built.