2020 music: abbb

“M&G” is my year project collection, which includes several animation and video game levels. I use this project to explore the two-dimensional expression of non-linear narrative and computer image language in three-dimensional space. It can be seen as still a form of image exploration, but more dependent on shader editing. What you are participating in is a racing game in the project. Around the track are the objects in Julia Noah’s dream, the electronic landscape, and a meaningless race. I combine the track into an electronic landscape and use shaders to make a special rendering effect. In the process of the audience manipulating the scooter, what the onlookers see is an abstract dynamic image, and what the participants feel is the stimulation of the competition. It seems that these two illogical concepts exist at the same time, which is an interesting experiment.

Ao Li Gei, interactive moving image, 2019