Just now, the studio cat (Soy Milk) put its empty can of cat food at my feet, probably as a result of mammalian empathy or prolonged domestication, I suddenly realised that this little cat was quite intelligent. It was able to use one behaviour to guide the behaviour of another species. It may have been motivated by instinct, but the action it performed was a thoughtful expression of itself.

I suddenly get to wondering why my mind is in this body, and when I look at myself in the third person, how those 86 billion neurons form self-awareness through electronic signals. Although I already know that a living creature is a sophisticated sensor that constantly sends signals outwards and gets feedback from the outside world before reacting. Long-term experience stresses the brain with external circumstances and eventually shapes it into different personalities, but it is still all amazing.

In order to look at the self, one must first access certain historical memories from the brain to dissect and analyse the motivations and outcomes of one’s actions. But physiologically based storage seems to be less accurate, and our assessment of our own behaviour is often skewed. It is worth discussing the fact that nowadays, perhaps the advertising-based Internet giants will know you better than your self-examination. Internet users who take on the role of individual operators generate multiple copies of tags in each server, and the user’s behaviour is recorded, quantified, analysed and categorised by various types of electronic devices. Eventually, a copy of each of us is located in a unique multi-axis coordinate system that is stored on the server. Internet companies use continuous data collection as a sample to predict users’ habits and thus promote personalised advertising to them. If the user accepts these ads, or if his or her behaviour triggers the correct labelling mechanism, then these oligopolistic companies will continue to recommend similar content to the user. Whereas personality and consciousness are known to be formed through external pressure, if you repeatedly absorb content resulting from the labelling of your own behaviour, this creates an interesting paradox: the action of our will is restricted to increasingly precise labelling, and as free consciousness becomes narrower and eventually fully synchronised with the simulated copy in the server, which is the true self, the existential self or the labelled copy?

Buffer Zone, wooden door, led light, metallic ball, 2020

The buffer zone is the comfort after the extreme, the norm after the exceptional, the new world after the revolution

Evidence, 2.0 audio track, speaker, 2020

For some unknown reason, a fire suddenly broke out in the evidence room. Investigation revealed that it was the spontaneous combustion of two pieces of evidence, which was so strange, and even stranger that the two pieces of equipment, although IoT devices, retained memory chips for local voice recording, which is severely sanctioned by the laws of the New World. I quietly took the chips out of the police station and completed the repair of the damaged parts, and what you hear is the last of their conversation.

The Perfect Metropolis After Being Optimized, Three screen video game recording, 2020

Alexa finally arranged for me to visit the main tower where MAGI is located to see the LLI skyline, the algorithm finally clicked for once. As I climbed up to the observation level to look down on the city, the huge advertisement in the window caught my attention, touting how efficiently and perfectly our city works, and I couldn’t wait to record this video for my son to see at home, as he hadn’t been given a tour in his entire life. But no idea about copyright or not, the remake had a glitch effect mark, which was a real bummer.

No Escape, Video Game, 2019-2020

This is the fifth time I’ve hacked into the C5EB-3 roving police droid, and despite the fact that the information is now completely open and transparent.I still feel that MAGI is hiding something from us. I have to hack into different models of machines to investigate the real parameters of the city’s operations and get to the heart of the truth.However, right now I only see some personal data that is of no use, something that my Alexa can also show.